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Cell culture and vaccine development

Welcome to Schweitzer Biotech Company

SBC was established in 2001. The company sprang out of the vaccine technology development efforts for food producing animals, hereunder aquatic animals. The animal health related activities was later merged into the joint venture company SBC Virbac Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

The main focus for SBC has always been cell culture, virus isolation and its propagation. It starts with cell line development including mono-clones for search of the optimal titer paired with shortest possible time to reach the desired harvest level. This optimisation is important to reach the sufficient level of particles for the effective vaccine formulation, at the same time economically important as the titer level and time it takes to reach it, are drivers of cost.

The difficulty in cell development is to find the right cell line providing the "perfect match" with the virus, also to have it validated free for extraneous agents as well as being non-carcinogenic. Cell culture development is thus a very time consuming and costly process.

SBC has its focus on the innermost secrets of the cells and virus, and how to design the best possible vaccine formulation that shall provide protection against viral diseases.